Lawsuit Dream Finders Homes

Dream Finders Homes Lawsuit

In this lawsuit, Robert Charles II Furlough accused Dream Finders Homes LLC of property damage due to construction defects, with the case now disposed of. The dispute involved Dream Finders Homes, a reputed home construction company, and Furlough, a homeowner who claimed his property was damaged due to construction defects. While Dream Finders Homes received a summons through Brandi Wilkerson, Claudia Nunez from Michel & Associates represented Furlough.

The current status of the case is ‘Disposed—Other Disposed.’

Dream Finders Homes Lawsuit Explanation

Robert Charles II. Furlough formally filed this case in Clay County, Florida. He alleged that Dream Finders Homes’ house had flaws in the construction. This case fell under the category of property-construction defect, suggesting that the issues pertained to damage to real property, possibly due to inadequate construction or design flaws.

The case was eventually marked as Disposed—Other Disposed. This status typically implies that the case was settled out of court, dismissed, or resolved in a way other than a court decision.

Parties involved

Robert Charles II. Furlough filed a lawsuit against this home construction company on April 27, 2021. The dispute was over property damage, allegedly resulting from defects in their construction. So, in this legal drama, you’ve got Furlough, the plaintiff, on one side, and Dream Finders, the defendant, on the other.

But there’s more. The lawsuit was managed in Clay County, Florida, with Judge Steven B. Whittington overseeing the proceedings.

Then there’s Brandi Wilkerson. She was served a summons for Dream Finders Homes LLC on May 4, 2021.

The cause of action

As for the cause of action, it focuses on alleged property damage due to construction flaws in Dream Finders Homes’ homes.

The legal proceedings are clear: the allegations stem from construction defects leading to damage to your real property. This isn’t about minor wear and tear; they’re serious defects that can impact the structural integrity and safety of your home.

Relief being sought

Before discussing the relief requested, it’s important to note that Dream Finders Homes is suing for compensation for the significant property damage these defects caused. As a homeowner involved in this case, you’re not just seeking financial reparation but resolution and accountability from the home builder. The damages and compensation being pursued are specific to the challenges you’ve endured due to the construction defects.

The legal action aims to address foundational issues, interior problems, and a lack of repairs that were promised but not delivered. The relief sought isn’t just about money but also about the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is safe and sound.

Claudia Nunez from Michel & Associates is representing you as the plaintiff. Her role is to ensure that your rights are protected and that the issues you’re facing are adequately addressed in the lawsuit. She’s your advocate in pursuing the relief and justice you deserve from Dream Finders Homes.

Key events and timeline

Robert Charles II Furlough filed the lawsuit against Dream Finders Homes LLC in Clay County, Florida, on April 27, 2021. This case falls under the category of ‘Property: Construction Defect’.

Within a week, on May 4, 2021, the summons were served to Brandi Wilkerson, acting on behalf of Dream Finders Homes LLC. A significant point to note in the timeline of events is that Claudia Nunez from Michel & Associates provided legal representation throughout the case.

The case’s status was noted as ‘Disposed—Other Disposed’ under the oversight of Judge Steven B. Whittington. This suggests that the lawsuit was disposed of in a manner other than trial or dismissal.

Key arguments

Robert Charles II Furlough primarily accused Dream Finders Homes LLC of property damage due to construction defects. The legal basis of the lawsuit revolves around this allegation of construction flaws, categorized under civil-construction defect cases.

Furlough asserts that the flaws in Dream Finders Homes’ construction have seriously harmed his property, and Claudia Nunez from Michel & Associates is his attorney. It’s not stated explicitly what these defects are, but they’re severe enough to warrant a lawsuit.

Another key argument is the implicit breach of contract. When Furlough hired Dream Finders Homes, there was an inherent expectation that the work would be done correctly, safely, and professionally.

Current status

As of now, the case status is listed as ‘Disposed—Other Disposed’. This status signifies that a resolution or outcome has been reached in the legal proceedings. Therefore, it appears that there’s been a conclusion to the lawsuit. However, the specific details of this resolution remain undisclosed.

Lawsuit Dream Finders Homes


Primarily, it underscores a pressing need for stricter quality controls in construction. It’s a wake-up call for builders to ensure they’re delivering defect-free homes. You can expect increased scrutiny of construction practices moving forward. Builders who cut corners may find themselves facing similar lawsuits, which could damage their reputations and bottom lines.

Secondly, it highlights the importance of thorough home inspections. Buyers, now more aware of the risks, might be more vigilant before purchasing. This could lead to a rise in demand for qualified home inspectors, potentially boosting that industry.

Lastly, this case may prompt lawmakers to revisit regulations governing construction and real estate. You might see more robust protections for homebuyers, which could alter the dynamics of the housing market.

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