Lawsuit Taylor Rousseau

Taylor Rousseau Lawsuit

Involving 1AM Country, LLC as the plaintiff and Taylor Rousseau as the defendant, this lawsuit filed on 03/22/2023 is a civil contract dispute currently pending in Clark County, Nevada, with potentially significant implications for both parties.

The lawsuit revolves around an unspecified contract dispute. Both parties have secured legal representation, with the case presided over by Judge Maria Gall. The financial details of the case show payments made by Melanie Hergott and 1AM Country, LLC, totaling $330.00.

The process has started, but the plaintiff, 1AM Country, LLC, has not yet disclosed the relief it is seeking. The court documents, including the Initial Appearance Fee Disclosure and Amended Complaint, can be accessed through UniCourt and a CrowdSourced Library.

The current status of the lawsuit is pending, indicating that no judicial decision has been reached yet.

Taylor Rousseau Lawsuit Explanation

In a civil case involving contract-related issues, 1 AM Country LLC is suing Taylor Rousseau, the defendant. This case was filed at the Clark County Nevada Court, a court known for handling various civil disputes. The filing date was March 22, 2023, and the litigation is still ongoing. It’s important to note that overseeing this case is Judge Maria Gall, who’s recognized for her fair and impartial rulings.

James A. Beckstrom, a seasoned lawyer, is in charge of representing him. The financial aspects of the case are also worth noting. Melanie Hergott has made payments for the e-file, and 1 AM Country LLC has been subject to assessments totaling $330. Court documents in this case include the Initial Appearance Fee Disclosure and an Amended Complaint.

Parties involved

In the intricate web of this lawsuit, there are several parties involved, each with their own interests and legal representation. The plaintiffs in the case are 1Am Country, LLC, and 1Am Management, LLC. Kristofer Z. Riklis, an attorney, is in charge of representing these entities.

On the other side of the legal battle, the defendants are Melanie Hergott, MH Media Management, LLC, and Taylor Rousseau. Their legal defense is in the hands of James A. Beckstrom.

This lawsuit was filed on March 22, 2023, in the Clark County Nevada Court, specifically the Eighth District Court. It’s important to note that the case falls under the category of ‘Contract—Other Contract’ and is being overseen by Judge Maria Gall.

The cause of action

The issue at hand is a contract dispute. It’s a disagreement between Taylor Rousseau and 1AM Country LLC, a company that filed the lawsuit against Rousseau. This legal tussle was officially initiated on March 22, 2023, in Clark County Nevada Court, Eighth District Court, to be precise.

The lawsuit falls under the civil category, zeroing in on a specific type of agreement or tort that’s not classified elsewhere. More specifically, it’s about a ‘Contract—Other Contract’.

James A. Beckstrom is stepping up to the plate for the defendant, Taylor Rousseau. On the flip side, 1AM Country LLC is entrusting their case to Michel & Associates.

Relief being sought

The relief sought can take various forms. It may be damages, which is monetary compensation for a loss or injury. Alternatively, it could be an injunction, a court order that compels a party to do or refrain from specific acts. Lastly, it might be a specific performance, compelling the party to perform certain actions stipulated in the contract.

Key events and timeline

The Taylor Rousseau Lawsuit was officially filed on March 22, 2023, by 1AM Country, LLC, against Taylor Rousseau in the Clark County Nevada Court.

Here are some key points for your understanding:

  • The lawsuit is categorized under civil involving agreements, with the NOS Code provided.
  • The presiding judge is Maria Gall, and the case is currently in a pending status.
  • Michel & Associates are the legal representatives for the plaintiff, 1AM Country, LLC.
  • As part of the financial details, there are e-file payments involved.
  • The total financial assessment for 1AM Country, LLC is also disclosed, though specifics are currently unavailable.

Key arguments

The legal representative for Rousseau will likely argue about the validity and interpretation of the contract in question. The financial transactions, such as the efile payment of $283.00 made by Melanie Hergott and the total financial assessment of $330.00 paid by 1AM Country, LLC, will also play a key role in this argument and may be used to either strengthen or weaken the claim.

Current status

As it stands now, the lawsuit between Taylor Rousseau and 1AM Country, LLC, is still under review, with Judge Maria Gall holding the reins in the Eighth District Court of Clark County, Nevada. You must keep yourself updated on the status of this case. To help, here are some important facts:

Lawsuit Taylor Rousseau


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Moreover, the lawsuit has sparked a wave of legal discussions. Influencers and followers alike are dissecting the case, debating the legal aspects and possible outcomes. Amid this flurry of online engagement, misinformation, and rumors are starting to circulate. It’s a reminder of the power and potential pitfalls of social media in legal matters.


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  • TikTok engagement metrics demonstrate the high level of interest in the lawsuit, with videos related to it garnering massive views and likes.

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