Lawsuit Palm Beach Gardens Police

Palm Beach Gardens Police Lawsuit

In a lawsuit against former Palm Beach Gardens officers Guerriero and Strzelecki, Illinois resident Gould alleges civil rights violations and seeks damages and a jury trial. The incident occurred at a swimming pool on May 8, 2023, when Guerriero, who was later fired, pulled a gun on him, an unarmed civilian, during a heated debate. The traumatic encounter left Gould with mental health issues.

Palm Beach Gardens Police Lawsuit Explanation

The main issue centers on Guerriero’s alleged threatening behavior towards an unarmed and compliant Gould during a swimming pool dispute. As a former Palm Beach Gardens officer, Guerriero’s actions not only instigated fear but also resulted in Gould suffering physical pain and mental anguish. The lawsuit states that the incident, which occurred in May 2023, escalated Gould’s anxiety and fear, causing me to avoid public outings and even relocate to Illinois.

The lawsuit further sheds light on Guerriero’s past disciplinary issues, including a suspension for unauthorized database access. It’s clear that her disregard for rules and regulations, coupled with her aggressive behavior towards Gould, led to the violation of his 4th and 14th Amendment rights.

Parties involved

Longing for justice, Gould decided to take this matter to court. Gould is now the plaintiff in a lawsuit filed in the United States Southern District of Florida, demanding a jury trial for the alleged civil rights violations. The goal is to hold Guerriero and Strzelecki accountable for their actions.

Gould has diligent legal counsel in this ongoing conflict, whereas Guerriero and Strzelecki each have a defense team.

The cause of action

  • Guerriero’s disrespectful behavior and false justification for pulling a gun on Gould.
  • The physical pain, mental anguish, and increased anxiety Gould has been suffering since the incident.
  • Guerriero’s past disciplinary issues, including unauthorized database access.

Relief being sought

Gould is seeking unspecified damages for the violation of my constitutional rights. This lawsuit isn’t just about Gould; it’s about accountability for civil rights violations. Gould is demanding a trial by jury to ensure justice is served.

Gould has suffered greatly from this incident. The physical pain was hard, but the mental anguish and humiliation were even worse. The trauma has forced me to relocate from Florida to Illinois. It’s not just about moving homes; it’s about the fear and anxiety that now dominate the Gould’s life, compelling him to avoid public outings.

This is more than just a lawsuit; it’s a call for change. It’s a call for officers to respect the constitutional rights of the people they’re sworn to protect.

Key events and timeline

To paint a clearer picture, here’s a brief timeline:

  • May 8: Officer Guerriero pulls a gun on Gould at a beach pool in Gardens.
  • Post-Incident: Gould experiences physical and mental distress, forcing him to relocate from Florida to Illinois.
  • Guerriero fired: The Palm Beach Gardens police department fired Guerriero approximately 3.5 months later.

Key arguments

At the heart of the suit is Gould’s claim that his constitutional rights were violated during his encounter with the officers.

Gould’s relocation to Illinois following the incident wasn’t simply a change of scenery. It was a direct result of increased anxiety, which has led him to avoid public outings. This significant life alteration, he argues, is a damaging consequence of the officers’ actions.

Of note in the lawsuit is Guerriero’s termination by the Palm Beach Gardens police following the confrontation with Gould. This action by the police department is seen as validation of Gould’s claims of misconduct.

Guerriero’s past disciplinary issues are highlighted in the lawsuit as well. Coupled with her termination, they paint a picture of a pattern of behavior that allegedly culminated in the violation of Gould’s rights.

Current status

Currently, Gould is seeking redress for his ordeal, standing up against the alleged misconduct of Officers Guerriero and Strzelecki. The lawsuit is in its early stages, and the court’s decision will ultimately determine the accountability of the two officers in the alleged swimming pool incident.

Lawsuit Palm Beach Gardens Police


As for the implications of this lawsuit, we see that it sheds light on the alleged violation of Ryan Gould’s constitutional rights during a distressing incident at a swimming pool. The lawsuit against Guerriero and Strzelecki is a stark reminder of the importance of police conduct and accountability.

Their alleged civil rights violations, as detailed in the lawsuit, haven’t only physically and mentally affected Gould but also forced him into an Illinois relocation to escape the trauma. The swimming pool incident has left him with increased anxiety and a reluctance to participate in public outings.

Adding to these implications, the lawsuit also brings to light Guerriero’s past disciplinary issues. Her suspension for unauthorized database access is mentioned, suggesting a pattern of concerning behavior. If these allegations are proven, it could set a precedent for holding officers accountable for their actions, especially when constitutional rights are at stake.

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