Lawsuit Affordable Dentures

Affordable Dentures Lawsuit

The Affordable Dentures & Implants lawsuit revolves around claims of unlicensed dental work by Christopher Ryan Bugg, DDS, and Henry Miller, sparking a legal battle for compensation and underscoring the critical importance of licensed dental care.

The Affordable Dentures lawsuit hinges on the alarming allegations that these practitioners conducted dental procedures without the necessary licenses, leading to pain and complications for unsuspecting patients. The main parties entangled in this legal fray include Affordable Dentures & Implants, Christopher Ryan Bugg, DDS, Henry Miller, and the plaintiff, Sandra Berber, who’s seeking justice and compensation for the dental damages incurred.

The cause of action is rooted in allegations of unlicensed dental work, with the relief sought encapsulated in compensation for the dental damages endured by the victims. The current status of the lawsuit is that it remains pending in the Harris County District Courthouse in Texas.

Lawsuit explanation

The roots of this affordable dentures lawsuit trace back to the actions of a dental assistant, Henry Miller, who allegedly performed dental services without a license. This serious accusation prompted patients to file a lawsuit against both Miller and Christopher Ryan Bugg, DDS, the owner of the dental practice. The lawsuit states that these unauthorized dental procedures led to significant patient complications, highlighting a grave breach of trust and professional standards.

The Oklahoma Board of Dentistry took swift action, issuing a warrant for Miller’s arrest for practicing dentistry without a license, showing the severity of the allegations. This legal action signals a broader concern regarding oversight and the enforcement of licensing regulations within dental practices.

Parties involved

Understanding the origins of the lawsuit against Affordable Dentures & Implants sets the stage for examining the roles and responsibilities of the involved parties, including owner Christopher Ryan Bugg, DDS, dental assistant Henry Miller, and the parent company Affordable Care.

The affordable dentures lawsuit has brought to light serious allegations, such as unlicensed dental work and subsequent complications, which underline the critical nature of regulatory compliance in dental practices.

Christopher Ryan Bugg, the owner and a practicing dentist at DDS Dentures, is directly implicated due to the actions occurring under his supervision. The legal scrutiny he faces is a stark reminder of the accountability healthcare providers must bear.

Henry Miller, the dental assistant accused of performing dental procedures without a license, is at the center of the controversy, with public records revealing a warrant issued for his actions. This situation shows the importance of staff operating within their licensed capacities.

Lastly, Affordable Care, the overarching parent company, remains silent amidst the unfolding legal battles. Their lack of response to the accusations against their franchise raises questions about corporate responsibility and oversight in safeguarding patients’ well-being.

The cause of action

Central to this lawsuit is the assertion that over 50 patients were subjected to these unauthorized procedures, compounded by the lack of oversight by the office and its owner. This hasn’t only raised questions about the enforcement of licensing laws but also about the internal policies of Affordable Care, the parent company. Their silence on the matter, as legal proceedings unfold, further complicates the issue.

The core of the legal challenge seeks justice for the victims through compensation for the undue harm caused. This includes covering the costs of corrective dental work and related treatments necessary to address the fallout from these unlicensed procedures.

Lawsuit Affordable Dentures

Relief being sought

In seeking relief, plaintiffs demand compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial damages incurred due to unauthorized dental procedures performed at Affordable Dentures & Implants. The Affordable Dentures lawsuit highlights the severe pain and discomfort patients endured, attributing this to the actions of individuals performing unlicensed dental work. This has led to significant scrutiny, culminating in a situation where a warrant was issued against the responsible parties.

The relief being sought is multifaceted, aiming to address the various impacts these procedures have had on victims. Plaintiffs aren’t only seeking monetary compensation for the immediate costs associated with rectifying the unauthorized procedures but are also pushing for damages related to the emotional distress and potential long-term health consequences of receiving care from unlicensed practitioners. Furthermore, the lawsuit seeks to implement stringent oversight and operational changes at Affordable Dentures & Implants to prevent future incidents of this nature.

Key events and timeline

The lawsuit’s initiation stemmed from allegations against a dental assistant, Henry Miller, accused of performing dental services without a license. This key event escalated when a warrant was issued for Miller’s arrest, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

Subsequently, the legal challenges broadened as a lawsuit was filed against both the office and its owner, Christopher Ryan Bugg, DDS, connecting them directly to the unlicensed dental work complications. This development intensified the scrutiny of affordable dentures and implants, bringing to light the severity of the accusations.

In response to these unfolding events, the public has been urged to assist in locating Henry Miller, with the authorities actively seeking information to facilitate his arrest. Meanwhile, Affordable Care, the parent company, finds itself under fire, consequently reviewing its screening procedures for professionals.

Key arguments

The legal response has been swift, with lawsuits targeting both the dental office and its owner, Christopher Ryan Bugg, DDS. These legal actions stress the importance of licensed professionals within dental practices, emphasizing the alleged breach of trust and professional standards at Affordable Dentures & Implants. Furthermore, Henry Miller faces action from the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry, highlighting the seriousness of practicing dentistry without a license.

Key to understanding the lawsuit’s arguments is the impact on the patients. Many are seeking compensation for dental damages, alleging negligence that led to significant tooth loss and related complications.

Current status

A particularly alarming development in this saga is the warrant issued for the arrest of dental assistant Henry Miller, who faces a felony charge from the state board for purportedly performing dental services without a license.

There are numerous pending cases in these affordable denture lawsuits at the moment, reflecting a complicated legal environment. Notably, Affordable Care, the parent company, has remained silent on the issue. I’ve contacted Affordable Care for a comment and will update the story as more information becomes available.


This affordable denture lawsuit signals a serious concern for patient safety and quality of care within the dental community. The involvement of unlicensed individuals performing dental procedures without the necessary qualifications reflects a disturbing breach of trust and professional standards. The implications of such actions are multifaceted, affecting not just the immediate health of patients but also their long-term well-being and financial stability.

Moreover, the legal proceedings highlight the need for stricter regulatory measures and oversight to prevent similar instances from occurring in the future. It’s essential to understand that the ramifications extend beyond the parties directly involved in the lawsuit.


The affordable dentures lawsuit has undoubtedly stirred a blend of responses, each reflecting a spectrum of perspectives and concerns.

In the dental community, there’s been a palpable undercurrent of unease. Professionals are dissecting the details, trying to understand how such allegations could affect their practice and the industry’s reputation. The issuance of a statement for Mr. Miller in January, specifically, has been a focal point of discussion. Some people saw this action as a step towards transparency, while others saw it as merely a formality devoid of substance.

Patients, the directly affected group, have exhibited a range of emotions, from outrage to disappointment. Many have taken to social media and forums to share their experiences and reactions to the lawsuit. Their stories add a personal dimension to the legal proceedings, showing the human impact behind the legal jargon.

Regulatory bodies, on their part, have remained somewhat reticent, though it’s clear that they’re closely monitoring the situation.

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