Lawsuit Biozorb

Biozorb Lawsuit

Hologic Inc. faces a lawsuit, led by Cowper Law PC, for undisclosed BioZorb implant risks causing patient harm, with compensation sought. The BioZorb device, implanted following mastectomy or lumpectomy, is at the heart of this litigation. It’s intended to dissolve in the body over time, marking the site for radiation treatment. Yet, several patients have experienced severe pain and complications.

The plaintiffs allege that the device failed to dissolve as promised, causing them pain and necessitating further medical procedures. They claim that Hologic failed to disclose these risks adequately. These six women, in total, underwent the procedure, trusting in the safety and effectiveness of the BioZorb. Instead, they suffered infections, skin disfigurement, and increased radiation needs.

The plaintiffs seek compensation for their pain, scarring, asymmetry, and diminished quality of life.

The lawsuit is in its early stages, with both parties preparing their cases.

Biozorb Lawsuit Details

The BioZorb lawsuit is centered around allegations that Hologic Inc., the manufacturer, didn’t adequately warn about the potential risks tied to their BioZorb implant. This device, inserted into the breast after cancer removal surgery, is designed to mark the location for radiation therapy. However, patients have reported severe pain, suffering, infection, and skin disfigurement linked to BIOZORB.

The lawsuit claims that Hologic failed to disclose these risks to patients and physicians. In my understanding, these patients trusted the manufacturer to provide a safe and effective device for managing their cancer treatment. They were instead left with complications like scarring, spider veins, and even breast asymmetry. It’s alarming to think that a device meant to assist in healing after a traumatic diagnosis like breast cancer could potentially cause further harm.

Parties involved

The primary parties involved are the plaintiffs, who are individuals who have suffered severe pain, complications, infections, and skin disfigurement due to the BioZorbĀ® device, and Hologic Inc. This Massachusetts-based company manufactures the device.

The plaintiffs allege that Hologic Inc. exhibited negligence in the manufacturing and marketing of the BioZorbĀ® device, leading to their painful and distressing health issues. Cowper Law PC and other law firms have stepped in to provide legal representation for these affected individuals. They’ve filed lawsuits in Massachusetts, where Hologic Inc.’s headquarters are located, seeking justice and compensation for their clients.

The BioZorbĀ® device, though designed to aid in breast reconstruction after lumpectomy, has seemingly caused more harm than good for these plaintiffs. As the lawsuits unfold, all eyes are on Hologic Inc. to see how they respond to claims of negligence and the resulting severe complications suffered by these individuals.

The cause of action

These BioZorb lawsuits claim that Hologic Inc., the manufacturer, didn’t fully disclose the risks involved in using BioZorb as a tumor bed marker for radiation treatment. The contention is that patients weren’t sufficiently informed about the possible complications surrounding device dissolution and migration.

Moreover, the device’s impact on oncologists’ treatment methods is alleged to have been inadequately communicated. Patients were left in the dark about how BioZorb could affect their cancer treatment and recovery process, leading to unanticipated complications.

The specific injuries experienced by patients play a significant role in these legal actions. The severe pain, suffering, infections, and skin disfigurement reported by patients underscore the severity of the risks associated with BioZorb. These injuries not only affect the physical well-being of patients but also their mental and emotional health.

Relief being sought

These BioZorb lawsuits aim for compensation, particularly for the severe pain and injuries inflicted by BioZorb implants. These patients aren’t just grappling with physical discomfort but also with the significant emotional distress brought on by the ordeal.

The relief being sought isn’t just about alleviating physical symptoms or emotional turmoil. It’s also about holding Hologic, the company behind BioZorb, accountable. It’s about demanding justice for not being warned about the potential risks and side effects. This accountability is a crucial part of the relief being sought in these cases.

When we talk about the financial aspect, the compensation being sought is comprehensive. It covers medical expenses incurred for treating complications associated with BioZorb. It accounts for lost wages due to time taken off work for recovery.

Lawsuit Biozorb

Key events and timeline

The narrative began in Massachusetts, where the first lawsuits were filed against Hologic Inc., the manufacturer of BioZorb. Since the initial filing, the legal landscape has expanded, with Cowper Law PC and other firms representing six individual plaintiffs in an ongoing lawsuit.

The crux of the allegations included severe pain and suffering, infections, skin disfigurement, and other complications stemming from BioZorb implants. The fallout didn’t end there, as patients grappled with additional consequences such as scarring, spider veins, and breast asymmetry. These side effects led many to undergo further medical procedures, adding to their physical and emotional distress.

In the face of these challenges, affected individuals were encouraged to seek legal consultations. Cowper Law, among others, offered free consultations, providing much-needed support and guiding individuals in understanding their rights.

Key arguments

  • Imagine the anxiety and distress of trusting a device supposed to aid in your cancer treatment, only to discover its hidden risks.
  • Picture the physical agony from unexpected severe pain, infections, and disfigurement due to BioZorb complications.
  • Feel the betrayal of realizing that Hologic Inc., a company you trusted, allegedly failed to disclose known risks.

Current status

The BioZorb lawsuit is currently in progress, with several plaintiffs alleging severe pain, suffering, infections, and skin disfigurement due to the device.


As we turn our attention to the implications of the BioZorb lawsuit, it’s evident that these legal proceedings have far-reaching consequences not only for the patients involved but also for the medical device industry as a whole. The BioZorb lawsuits stress the failure to warn about severe complications that patients may face.

The legal action underscores the importance of patient health and the necessity for companies to adequately warn about potential risks. The damage done isn’t just physical; the emotional toll on patients experiencing severe pain, infections, and skin disfigurement is significant.

  • The distress of patients suffering from BioZorb complications is heartbreaking.
  • The disfigurement and pain, both physical and emotional, that some patients have endured is unimaginable.
  • The potential claims that could be filed by those affected are a stark reminder of the human cost behind these lawsuits.

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