Lawsuit Goldco

Goldco Lawsuit

Goldco is currently suing Wilson and his firms for RICO, trade secrets, and defamation, demanding injunctions and damages. RICO charges include fraud and racketeering, misuse of trade secrets, and defamation of Goldco. Goldco sought an injunction to ban Wilson from contacting customers. They also want Wilson and his firms to compensate for the damage they caused.

Notably, Goldco voluntarily dismissed Clackum from the lawsuit. This made Wilson and his firms the sole defendants in the case.

The case is currently in legal process. The court has yet to decide on the allegations and relief.

Goldco Lawsuit Details

There are claims of RICO violations, trade secret breaches, and defamation in the lawsuit Goldco filed against Warren Wilson and his affiliated businesses. The RICO violations refer to alleged illicit activities in line with the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. This means Goldco accuses Wilson of running businesses engaged in repeated criminal conduct.

Further, Goldco alleges a breach of trade secrets. This implies that Wilson, in some way, acquired, disclosed, or used Goldco’s confidential business information without its consent.

The third allegation in the lawsuit is defamation. This suggests that Wilson made false statements that injured Goldco’s reputation. It’s a serious claim that can lead to substantial damages if the court finds it to be true.

Parties involved

Goldco Direct, LLC, has accused Warren Wilson and his companies, Wholesale Gold Silver IRA, Inc., and Wild West Coins, Inc., of serious legal infractions. Interestingly, Goldco initially named another party, Clackum, in their lawsuit but later voluntarily dismissed them, focusing their legal efforts on Wilson and his entities.

One important aspect of the case is the court’s consideration of personal jurisdiction over Wilson based on RICO’s nationwide service of process provision.

The cause of action

Goldco Direct, LLC, filed a lawsuit against Warren Wilson and his entities, Wholesale Gold Silver IRA, Inc., and Wild West Coins, Inc. The crux of the lawsuit revolves around allegations of RICO violations, trade secret breaches, and defamation.

The lawsuit alleges that Wilson engaged in RICO violations. These are serious charges, as they imply the defendants were involved in organized, illegal activities. The nature of these alleged RICO violations, however, is yet to be detailed.

The suit also accuses Wilson of breaching trade secrets. This implies that confidential information belonging to Goldco Direct, LLC, was unlawfully used or disclosed, causing significant harm to the company.

Lastly, the lawsuit charges Wilson with defamation. This suggests that Wilson made false statements, damaging the reputation of Goldco Direct, LLC. The specific statements leading to these defamation charges haven’t been disclosed yet.

Relief being sought

The relief being sought encompasses four major areas:

  1. Damages for RICO Violations: Goldco alleges that Wilson engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity, causing significant financial harm to their business. They’re seeking restitution for these losses.
  2. Remedies for Trade Secrets Breach: Goldco asserts that their trade secrets were unlawfully used by the defendants. They’re demanding measures to prevent further misuse and compensation for any damages incurred.
  3. Compensation for Defamation: Goldco claims their reputation was tarnished by false statements made by the defendants. They’re seeking relief through financial reparations for the harm done.
  4. Injunction against Further Communication: Goldco has already obtained an injunction barring the defendants from further interacting with its customers. This is to protect their customer base and prevent further damage.

Key events and timeline

The suit was filed by Goldco Direct, LLC, alleging RICO violations, trade secrets breaches, and defamation by Wilson. They claimed Wilson was damaging their reputation and unlawfully using their confidential business information.

A significant event in the timeline was when an injunction was granted against Wilson and his entities, barring further communication with Goldco’s customers. This was a win for Goldco in their efforts to prevent further alleged harm.

Subsequently, Goldco voluntarily dismissed another defendant, Clackum, from the suit, leaving Wilson and his entities as the sole defendants. This streamlined the lawsuit, focusing it squarely on Wilson’s alleged actions.

Further down the line, Wilson challenged the personal jurisdiction of the case, sparking another key event: the motion to transfer.

Lawsuit Goldco

Key arguments

  1. RICO Violations: Goldco asserts that Wilson and his entities engaged in deceptive practices that violated the RICO Act. They claimed that these actions were part of a larger scheme to unfairly compete and divert Goldco’s customers.
  2. Trade Secrets Breach: Goldco alleges that Wilson misappropriated their trade secrets. They maintain that this breach involved the theft of sensitive information related to their clients, which Wilson allegedly used for his business advantage.
  3. Defamation: The third claim revolves around defamation. Goldco contends that Wilson spread false and damaging statements about their company, causing significant harm to their reputation.
  4. Personal Jurisdiction & Transfer Decision: Goldco argued for personal jurisdiction over Wilson based on RICO’s nationwide service of process provision. The court had to weigh the burden of proof in establishing inconvenience for litigating in Alabama. Wilson’s motion to transfer the case to California was denied, reinforcing the importance of transfer decisions in interstate legal disputes.

Current status

It’s important to note that legal proceedings are still underway. The lawsuit is currently before the US District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin.

A major development in the case was the granting of an injunction against Wilson and his entities. The court ordered that they cease further communication with Goldco customers, putting a temporary stop to alleged damaging activities. This injunction is a significant step in the protection of Goldco’s interests while the case is in progress.

In a turn of events, Goldco voluntarily dismissed a co-defendant, Clackum, from the lawsuit. This leaves Wilson and his entities as the primary defendants, facing the allegations brought forward by Goldco. As the case continues under the watchful eyes of District Judge William M. Conley and Magistrate Judge Stephen L. Crocker, the legal world awaits the final decision.


  1. The defendants, if found guilty, would face significant financial damages. This could potentially cripple their business operations.
  2. The injunction that prevents further communication with Goldco’s customers restricts the defendants’ ability to market their services, affecting their income stream.
  3. The issue of personal jurisdiction raised in the lawsuit underscores the legal complexities involved in dealing with out-of-state defendants like Warren Wilson and his entities.
  4. The court’s denial of the transfer motion to California indicates a preference for maintaining the case in Alabama, which could have logistical implications for the defendants.

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