Lawsuit Ekstensive Metal Works

Ekstensive Metal Works Lawsuit

In a striking turn of events, a North Texas couple was awarded $42 million in a lawsuit against Ekstensive Metal Works LLC, spotlighting the severity of the negligence. This case, presided over by Judge Kristen Brauchle Hawkins in the Harris County District Courthouse, lays bare the consequences of subpar automotive repairs.

The cause of action pivots on the allegation that the defendant carried out insufficient repairs on Shade’s vehicle, directly leading to a near-fatal crash that inflicted injuries on the couple.

Seeking justice, the couple demanded accountability for this negligence and breach of contract, while Ekstensive Metal Works LLC countered with a breach of contract accusation against them. Currently awaiting trial, this case’s $42 million judgment underscores a potent message on corporate accountability, consumer protection, and the paramount importance of maintaining high standards of quality and safety.

Ekstensive Metal Works Lawsuit explanation

The lawsuit centers around a North Texas couple who were awarded $42 million due to the egregiously substandard repair work performed on their vehicle by John Eagle Collision Center, which became horrifically evident following a near-fatal accident.

The crux of the matter lies in the body shop’s decision to use glue-like adhesive for the roof instead of the standard welding procedure. This breach of contract not only endangered the lives of the couple but also exposed a significant lapse in the industry’s quality control and safety standards.

The ensuing legal battle illuminated the body shop’s defective and negligent repairs, with the Dallas County jury’s verdict reinforcing the gravity of such malpractices. Delving deeper, the lawsuit’s progression unveils an alarming allegation against State Farm, accusing the insurance giant of coercing the body shop into opting for the cheaper repair method.

Parties involved

At the heart of this case is EKSTENSIVE METAL WORKS LLC, a body shop accused of performing defective and negligent repairs. This accusation isn’t taken lightly, especially considering the substantial $42 million awarded to the North Texas couple, Matthew and Marcia Shade, who found themselves victims of what’s alleged to be shoddy repair work.

The lawsuit also casts a spotlight on the John Eagle Collision Center, where the contentious repair work was carried out. It’s essential to differentiate between the entities involved, as each plays a distinct role in the unfolding drama. Furthermore, State Farm emerges as a defendant, accused of pushing for the use of adhesive in repairs instead of welding, a decision that’s central to the lawsuit’s allegations.

The legal battle finds its arena in the Harris County District Courthouse in Harris, Texas. Here, the complexities of the case continue to unravel, with each party presenting their arguments.

The cause of action

Ekstensive Metal Works LLC’s alleged negligence and breach of contract form the foundation of the legal dispute, spotlighting the critical need for accountability in vehicle repairs. The plaintiff’s accusations pivot around subpar repair work, which they argue not only breached the contractual agreement but also endangered lives due to negligence.

Peeling back the layers, the lawsuit’s cause of action reveals a complex tapestry of allegations and defenses. The plaintiff’s claims of negligence and breach of contract against Ekstensive Metal Works LLC focus on the unacceptable quality of repair work, which allegedly led to a near-fatal incident. Due to this serious accusation, a protracted legal battle ensued that featured intense scrutiny, cross-examinations, and expert testimony.

Ultimately, the $42 million award in favor of the plaintiff sends a resounding message to companies about the importance of upholding quality and safety standards, serving as a deterrent against negligence, and reinforcing the significance of consumer rights.

Lawsuit Ekstensive Metal Works

Relief being sought

The plaintiffs have put forth a claim for $42 million in financial compensation. This figure isn’t just a reflection of the direct damages incurred but also an emblematic gesture aimed at highlighting the severe negligence and breach of contract. More than just monetary relief, this lawsuit against EKSTENSIVE METAL seeks to send a strong message to repair companies everywhere about the critical importance of maintaining integrity, quality, and safety in their work.

Furthermore, the lawsuit aims to prevent future instances of substandard workmanship or neglect within the industry. By holding EKSTENSIVE METAL accountable, the plaintiffs hope to foster a shift towards more stringent adherence to safety standards and quality control, ensuring that the rights and safety of consumers are paramount.

Key events and timeline

The lawsuit Dave Shade Jr. filed against Ekstensive Metal Works LLC in 2020 represents a turning point in highlighting the important problems of negligence and breach of contract within the automotive repair industry. The legal battle unfolded over several months, featuring intense scrutiny of the repair shop’s practices through cross-examinations and expert testimonies. This case, rooted in accusations of subpar quality repairs and contractual breaches, eventually led to a landmark Dallas County jury verdict awarding a staggering $42 million to the North Texas couple.

Ekstensive Metal Works faced a series of lawsuits and complaints beyond this particular case, indicating a pattern of issues ranging from high prices to long wait times and questionable work quality. However, not all complaints held weight, underscoring the complexity of discerning valid grievances in such a nuanced legal landscape.

The legal battle didn’t end with Ekstensive; the couple’s ongoing lawsuit against State Farm, alleging pressure on the body shop to cut corners, further illustrates the entrenched challenges consumers face.

Key arguments

It’s clear that the jury’s $42 million award to the North Texas couple underscores the critical need for integrity and quality in automotive repair work. The case hinged on the appalling use of a glue-like adhesive for the car’s roof repair, a method far inferior to the requested welding. This decision by the repair shop not only compromised the vehicle’s safety but also nearly cost the couple their lives in a subsequent accident.

The jury’s verdict serves as a potent reminder of the repercussions businesses can face when they choose to cut corners. Moreover, the involvement of State Farm in allegedly recommending the use of adhesive instead of welding is another focal point of the lawsuit, highlighting the complexities and the potential complicity of insurance companies in endorsing unsafe repair practices.

Current status

Additionally, the case has seen procedural developments, most notably an agreed motion for continuance granted on March 10, 2022. This legal maneuver effectively pushes the trial date further into the future, allowing both sides more time to prepare their cases or possibly reach a settlement out of court. It’s a strategic move that underscores the complexities and tactical delays often encountered in legal disputes.

The public record of this case, accessible online, ensures transparency and offers a window into the legal process for those interested. Services like UniCourt Inc. play a pivotal role in maintaining this accessibility by adhering to privacy and public records policies, thereby contributing to a broader understanding of the Ekstensive Metal Works lawsuit’s current status.


Exploring the lawsuit’s implications reveals how a $42 million award not only holds companies like Ekstensive Metal Works accountable but also sets a precedent within the metal fabrication industry regarding the importance of quality and safety. This legal action underlines the serious consequences of neglect and breach of contract, serving as a powerful deterrent against substandard workmanship.

The metal fabrication sector is now under scrutiny, with an expectation to prioritize the well-being of consumers and the integrity of their projects.

The impact of this lawsuit extends beyond a single company. It sends a resounding message that the legal system is an effective tool for consumer protection, empowering individuals to demand higher standards and accountability.


Reactions to the Ekstensive Metal Works lawsuit have revealed a broad spectrum of opinions, highlighting the complex interplay between consumer rights, industry standards, and corporate accountability. The legal proceedings, particularly the North Texas couple being awarded $42 million due to alleged negligent repair work, have stirred a mix of outrage, sympathy, and legal scrutiny.

The fact that this negligence came to light after a near-fatal car crash that left the victims with severe injuries, including burns and broken heels, has amplified the calls for stricter industry standards and more rigorous enforcement of existing laws.

The use of glue-like adhesive instead of proper welding, leading to a defective repair verdict by a Dallas County jury, underscores a worrying trend in the automotive repair industry. This legal battle, now extended against State Farm for allegedly forcing the use of adhesive, has become a pivotal moment for vehicle safety advocacy.

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