Gl Homes class action lawsuit

Gl Homes Lawsuit

In a legal battle that pitted homeowners against G.L. Homes, the central issue revolved around alleged construction defects. This led to a lawsuit where the Seven Bridges community board sought compensation and repairs. The case has now been settled, but it has left a trail of unresolved tensions and broader implications for all parties involved.

The lawsuit was initiated by the Board of Directors representing the homeowners of the Seven Bridges community in Palm Beach County. They targeted G.L. Homes for what was claimed to be subpar construction practices. The cause of action was based on alleged breaches of contract and negligence. The homeowners sought millions of dollars in damages and corrective work.

The relief sought was both monetary compensation for the affected homeowners and a commitment from G.L. Homes to undertake repairs to address the construction deficiencies.

The current status of the lawsuit culminated in a settlement, the details of which remained confidential.

Gl Homes Lawsuit explanation

The Seven Bridges Board of Directors settled a multimillion-dollar federal discrimination case against G.L. Homes, alleging that the builder compromised on construction quality across numerous aspects of the development. This settlement, recorded on August 22nd according to Palm Beach County records, was reached without a formal announcement to the homeowners, sparking frustration and raising transparency concerns among the community.

The lawsuit accused G.L. Homes of shoddy construction, highlighting approximately eighty different defects ranging from damaged stucco and exposed wiring to severe water intrusion. This situation has led homeowners to consider lodging a formal complaint with Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation, seeking accountability and rectification of the highlighted issues.

It’s come to light that the Seven Bridges community is embroiled in multiple ongoing lawsuits, the specifics of which remain under wraps. This secrecy only adds to the growing unease about the community’s reputation and overall homeowner satisfaction.

Moreover, G.L. Homes’ legal battles extend beyond Seven Bridges, as evidenced by its lawsuit against the Valencia Sound homeowners association regarding a disputed special capital contribution fee, further complicating the builder’s legal landscape under the legal guidance of Sax.

Parties involved

At the heart of the contention are the homeowners and GL Homes, the builder. The lawsuit against the builder, specifically under the name Boynton Beach Associates XXVI for the Valencia Sound community, spotlights significant allegations. Construction defects in Delray Beach’s Seven Bridges community have also propelled homeowners to express their dissatisfaction, marking a crucial aspect of the lawsuit’s foundation.

The Seven Bridges Board of Directors recently settled a federal discrimination lawsuit against GL Homes, adding another layer to the intricate scenario. This settlement has, however, led to a lack of transparency, as reported by the homeowners in Seven Bridges. Their frustration is palpable, with discussions about filing a complaint with Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation gaining momentum.

The involvement of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, due to the current board’s hesitation over armed deputies patrolling Seven Bridges, underscores the complexities of community management and safety concerns intertwined with the legal battles.

Moreover, the imposition of a special capital contribution fee in Valencia Sound has stirred homeowners to back GL Homes in its lawsuit against the HOA.

The cause of action

Numerous allegations of shoddy construction in the Seven Bridges community form the crux of the lawsuit against GL Homes, spotlighting negligence and breaches of warranties that have left homeowners grappling with significant property issues. I’ve dug into the details, finding the lawsuit alleges around eighty defects, highlighting the broad spectrum of concerns from damaged stucco and exposed wiring to water intrusion and damages to community amenities. It’s clear; this isn’t about minor inconveniences but substantial failings that question the integrity of the homes people have invested in.

GL Homes’ response to the allegations is a staunch denial, labeling the construction defect claims as grossly exaggerated. They’re set on proving their compliance with both contractual and legal obligations. Yet, the settlement reached on August 22nd, seeking millions in damages, paints a different picture.

Homeowners, left in the dark about the settlement details, are frustrated with the board’s lack of transparency. It’s not just about cutting corners in construction; it’s about the Delray Beach community feeling settled in their right to know and make informed decisions.

Gl Homes class action lawsuit

Relief being sought

In seeking relief through the legal system, G.L. Homes is targeting a court order to invalidate the Working Capital Contribution imposed by the HOA without the developer’s explicit written consent, as mandated by the Declaration. This move underscores the seriousness with which G.L. Homes is addressing what it perceives as an overreach by the homeowners’ association (HOA), specifically the Valencia Sound HOA, within the Seven Bridges community.

The lawsuit, filed in Palm Beach County Circuit Court, isn’t just about rectifying a singular issue but is emblematic of broader concerns regarding the rights and obligations of developers versus HOAs in South Florida’s dynamic real estate landscape.

The relief being sought extends beyond mere legal advice. G.L. Homes is pushing for a comprehensive adjudication that includes the potential for financial damages if it’s determined that sales were adversely impacted by the HOA’s unilateral decision. Additionally, G.L. Homes might seek reimbursement for damages and legal fees from the HOA and its members, underlining the financial stakes involved.

Key events and timeline

Initially, the relationship between G.L. Homes and the Seven Bridges homeowners seemed harmonious. However, as reports of construction defects began to surface, the narrative changed dramatically. Allegations of shoddy construction and cutting corners became the center of discussions among the community.

The situation escalated when the board of directors, representing the homeowners, decided to take legal action against G.L. Homes. The lawsuit filed pointed to numerous construction defects that compromised the quality and safety of the homes within the community. The legal battle drew attention to the broader issues of accountability and standards within the construction industry.

As the case progressed, both parties engaged in negotiations, ultimately leading to the lawsuit being settled. The resolution, while confidential, hinted at concessions made by G.L. Homes to address the construction defects and compensate the affected homeowners.

Key arguments

The crux of the matter revolves around allegations of construction defects at the Seven Bridges community, which have left homeowners outraged and seeking redress. The HOA, acting on behalf of the residents, has accused G.L. Homes of shoddy construction practices, alleging that the company cut corners to save millions of dollars at the expense of quality and homeowner satisfaction.

From the perspective of G.L. Homes, the company has staunchly defended its construction practices, arguing that any issues were isolated and have been or will be adequately addressed. They’ve pointed to a history of successful projects and satisfied homeowners as evidence of their commitment to quality. Furthermore, G.L. Homes has highlighted that some disputes were settled amicably, suggesting a willingness to resolve legitimate concerns outside of court.

The heated debate extends to the board of directors of the Valencia Sound HOA, with some members siding with G.L. Homes’ assertions that the issues aren’t as widespread as claimed.

Current status

On August 22nd, a settlement was reached in the lawsuit filed by the Seven Bridges board of directors against G.L. Homes. This resolution, however, wasn’t directly communicated to the homeowners within the community, sparking frustration over the apparent lack of transparency from the board. Such decisions, made behind closed doors, have left many feeling sidelined in matters directly affecting their living environment.

The board’s recent decision to pause the request for armed deputies to patrol the community has further escalated security concerns among homeowners. This move, coupled with ongoing lawsuits, not only against G.L. Homes but also involving the Valencia Sound HOA over a special capital contribution fee, has raised eyebrows regarding the community’s reputation and homeowner satisfaction in Palm Beach County.


The settlement, finalized in August, underscores the importance of diligence and advocacy for homeowners. The Seven Bridges just settled their Lawsuit For Construction Defects, alleging shoddy construction throughout their community. This case has raised awareness among homeowners about the necessity of inspecting properties for defects and the power of collective legal action.

Moreover, the resolution of this dispute might encourage other communities facing similar issues to pursue legal remedies. It’s a cautionary tale for developers about the consequences of compromising on quality and a reminder that legal avenues are available to homeowners aggrieved by subpar construction practices.


The settlement between the Seven Bridges board and G.L. Homes not only highlighted construction issues but also sparked a range of reactions from various stakeholders involved. I’ve observed that while some community members feel a sense of relief that the lawsuit has been settled, others, especially homeowners, are outraged. They argue that the decision, reached behind closed doors, lacks transparency and fails to address their concerns adequately.

From my investigation, it’s clear that the board of directors faced intense scrutiny over their handling of the situation. Many in the Seven Bridges community feel that their voices were ignored in a decision that directly impacts their lives and investments. The reactions I’ve encountered range from disappointment to sheer anger, with a common sentiment being that the settlement falls short of holding G.L. Homes accountable for the alleged construction defects.

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