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Mr Cooper Class Action Lawsuit

Jennifer Cabezas’s $5 million consolidated class-action complaint against Mr. Cooper alleges inadequate security. A mortgage industry leak could potentially threaten user information. Insufficient protection resulted in customer data loss and lawsuits. Customers of Mr. Cooper filed a class action lawsuit over the data leak. Cabezas wants people to sue for significant damages for annoyance, harm, and breach of their privacy rights.

The plaintiffs seek roughly $5 million. They say Mr. Cooper’s recklessness could cause harm. Everyone, including their counsel, consolidated the lawsuit. This streamlines litigation for everyone. The verdict is pending. The plaintiffs are awaiting their court appearance to seek justice and punish the firm responsible for security flaws.

Mr Cooper Class Action Lawsuit details

The Mr. Cooper class action lawsuit revolves around allegations of insufficient security measures and delayed communication about a significant data breach. The plaintiffs are distressed mortgage customers whose personal information was exposed due to this data breach. Consequently, they are suing for damages exceeding $5 million.

The lawsuit stresses Cooper’s failure to protect customer data, resulting in us losing control over our personal information. This, in turn, potentially exposes us to identity theft. In response to the lawsuit, Mr. Cooper offered us two years of complimentary identity protection services. However, this gesture hardly compensates for the anxiety and potential risk of identity theft.

Parties involved

The principal parties involved in this case are:

  • Jennifer Cabezas, the main plaintiff, alleges a failure to protect her personal information.
  • Mr. Cooper, the defendant, is accused of having a lack of control over customer data.
  • The District Judge in Texas, approved the consolidation of the separate suits.
  • The alleged data mishandling could potentially have an impact on more than 5 million customers.

The cause of action

The cause of action in the Mr. Cooper lawsuit primarily revolves around allegations of insufficient security measures. The class action lawsuit pinpoints inadequate security safeguards as the chief culprit for the exposure of customer information. This includes the distressing loss of control over personal data experienced by customers, which is a significant part of the lawsuit’s grievance.

In the spotlight are Social Security numbers belonging to an unnerving number of 14.7 million customers. This massive exposure of sensitive data underlines the magnitude of the breach impact. The lawsuit emphasizes the company’s alleged negligence by pointing out that stronger security measures ought to have protected such personal data.

Relief being sought

  • They are asking for monetary damages exceeding $5 million as a result of the exposure of sensitive customer information. This substantial sum represents their desire for negligence and accountability on Mr. Cooper’s part.
  • They’re also pushing for enhanced security measures to safeguard customer information in the future.
  • The plaintiffs are also seeking restitution for the loss of personal data control and the subsequent identity theft risks they face.
  • They want Mr. Cooper to take responsibility for the breach and provide restitution for the victims.
  • They demand better personal data control, a crucial aspect in today’s digital world.

Key events and timeline

The Dallas Morning News first reported the lawsuit against Mr. Cooper, filed under case number 3:23-cv-02468-X, on November 6, 2023. A data breach that exposed sensitive customer personal information in late October 2023 was the catalyst for this legal dispute.

The breach, discovered on Halloween, was a grave event. It involved the leakage of names, addresses, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers. These details are a treasure trove for identity thieves, leading to speculation of potential fraud. The company’s negligence in its cybersecurity protocols was called into question, highlighting their inadequate protection of customer data.

Key arguments

Key arguments highlighted in the lawsuit include:

  • The exposure of sensitive customer data, with personal information of around 14.7 million customers allegedly compromised.
  • The claim that Mr. Cooper failed to provide timely communication about the data breach, leaving customers in the dark about the potential risk.
  • The lack of control customers now have over their personal information, leads to potential financial damages.
  • The aggregate damages claimed in the lawsuit exceed $5 million, indicating the severe financial impact of this alleged negligence.

Current status

Mr. Cooper class action lawsuit is now consolidated into one case, combining 20 individual suits against the company. The plaintiffs and their attorneys agreed on this consolidation as a strategic move to expedite the legal process and conserve resources.

At this point, it’s crucial to highlight that none of these individual suits have received official certification as class actions yet. Despite the significant number of lawsuits, the consolidation motion received approval from a district judge in Texas. The judge’s decision signifies that there’s no risk of confusion or prejudice anticipated due to this consolidation.

Lawsuit Mr Cooper


Here are a few key takeaways from this development:

  • The consolidation means streamlined litigation, creating an organized litigation process.
  • There’s an expectation of significant savings in time and resources for the plaintiffs.
  • The unified support of the plaintiffs enhances the strength of the case.
  • The consolidation could potentially speed up the resolution of the class actions.

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