Lawsuit berkey water filter

Berkey Class Action Lawsuit

Filed in late 2022, this lawsuit implicates NMCL, the company behind Berkey filters, in allegations of inefficiency and poor performance of their filtration systems. Customers who purchased these systems filed a lawsuit, accusing Berkey’s manufacturer of misleading them about the effectiveness of their filters.

  • NMCL, as the manufacturer of Berkey, is the primary party involved in this lawsuit.
  • The cause of action centers on the alleged inefficiency and poor performance of the Berkey water filtration system.
  • The plaintiffs are requesting damages for any financial losses they may have incurred as a result of the filters’ alleged ineffectiveness.
  • The case is currently ongoing, with NMCL having requested the dismissal of all claims.
  • Depending on the outcome, this case could have significant implications for both the company and consumers.

Berkey Lawsuit

Initiated in late 2022, the lawsuit puts New Millennium Concepts Ltd. (NMCL), the firm behind Berkey, in the hot seat. At the heart of the dispute is the accusation that Berkey’s water filtration systems are ineffective. This has sparked a surge of worry among consumers who trusted Berkey for their water purification needs.

The lawsuit hinges on the fact that Berkey filters lack NSF/ANSI certification. Findings from Wirecutter and the Environmental Working Group highlighted this flaw, which fueled the accusations against Berkey. Yet, despite these criticisms, Berkey still boasts a loyal customer base. Positive reviews and repeat purchases show that many users are still happy with the products.

NMCL, however, has categorically denied all allegations made in the lawsuit. They’ve not only refuted the claims but also sought dismissal of the lawsuit entirely.

Parties involved

In the heart of this legal wrangle, the key parties involved are New Millennium Concepts Ltd., the creator of Berkey filtration systems, and the consumers who’ve lodged the class action lawsuit. These consumers, who purchased and used Berkey filtration systems, are alleging that the product didn’t live up to its promises.

Here are the key facts about the parties involved:

  • New Millennium Concepts (NMCL), the defendant in this lawsuit, has been manufacturing Berkey filtration systems for years.
  • The plaintiffs are the consumers who bought and used the Berkey filtration systems.

The cause of action

The plaintiffs claim that Berkey filtration systems, produced by NMCL, are ineffective. They contend that the company’s products don’t perform as advertised, alleging that the filters don’t properly purify water as claimed.

To back up their allegations, the plaintiffs relied heavily on lab tests and information collected from websites selling counterfeit filters. They argue that these lab tests empirically demonstrate the alleged ineffectiveness of Berkey filters. Specifically, they argue that these tests show the filters fail to remove certain contaminants from water, contrary to NMCL’s marketing claims.

However, it’s important to note that the lawsuit doesn’t report any specific health issues caused by the alleged ineffectiveness of Berkey systems. While the plaintiffs’ arguments rest on the alleged performance issues, no direct harm from using the filters is reported.

Relief being sought

You might be asking, What’s the relief being sought by the plaintiffs in the Berkey class action lawsuit? The plaintiffs, who are disgruntled customers of Berkey Water Filters, are seeking compensation for what they claim are ineffective filtration systems.

Their demands are straightforward:

  • They want New Millennium Concepts, the company behind Berkey Water Filters, to be held accountable for their products allegedly not meeting performance expectations.
  • They’re pursuing possible refunds or replacements for customers who purchased these filtration systems.
  • They’re seeking legal action to address any misrepresentation of the filters’ effectiveness.
  • A key part of their demands is to rectify the perceived gap between the advertised and actual performance of Berkey filtration systems.
  • Ultimately, they want to see a fair and just resolution to their grievances.
Lawsuit berkey water filter

Key events and timeline

Let’s delve into the timeline and key events of this lawsuit against New Millennium Concepts, which began to unfold in late 2022. The lawsuit, a class-action suit, was aimed at the company’s Berkey filtration systems. It was alleged that these filters were ineffective, despite their reputation and widespread use.

New Millennium Concepts, standing strong against the allegations, requested a dismissal. They denied all claims made in the lawsuit and took steps to protect their product’s integrity. Their defense wasn’t without its merits. You see, despite the plaintiffs’ claims that the Berkey filters were ineffective, there were no actual health issues.

In a surprising twist, the original plaintiff withdrew the lawsuit. This happened after New Millennium Concepts provided a public response addressing the misinformation. It was a significant moment in the timeline of this legal battle, and it shifted the narrative significantly.

Key arguments

Here are the key points of contention:

  • The plaintiffs say that Berkey’s filtration systems don’t adequately purify water as promised.
  • They’ve made use of independent lab results to substantiate their claims.
  • The defendant, NMCL, has categorically denied these accusations.
  • Interestingly, the plaintiffs sourced their evidence from knock-off filter websites, which raises questions about the data’s reliability.
  • While Berkey systems are being accused of inefficiency, there haven’t been any reported health issues tied to their usage.

Current status

We find that the Berkey class action suit, filed in late 2022 against New Millennium Concepts Ltd. (NMCL), is stirring up quite a storm. Despite the uproar, it’s important to note that NMCL has firmly denied all allegations. They’ve requested a dismissal, expressing confidence in their Berkey Water Systems.

The lawsuit alleges that Berkey’s filtration systems are ineffective, but NMCL disagrees. They’ve publicly addressed the issues in the lawsuit, standing by their product’s quality and efficacy. This response has been crucial in the ongoing legal battle, providing some clarity amidst the controversy.

Interestingly, the initial plaintiff withdrew the lawsuit following NMCL’s response. It seems that NMCL’s detailed counterarguments and denial of the alleged issues have had an impact.


Here are some potential implications:

  • Customers may lose trust in Berkey’s filtration systems, leading to decreased sales.
  • This might prompt an industry-wide review of filtration systems’ effectiveness, potentially leading to stricter regulations.
  • Competitors might use this opportunity to promote their products as more reliable.
  • Berkey might face legal sanctions or fines due to this lawsuit.
  • The lawsuit could lead to a significant financial burden on Berkey, affecting its ability to invest in research and development.


Let’s turn our attention to the reactions following the lawsuit against Berkey. New Millennium Concepts Ltd., the company behind Berkey filters, provided a public response to the lawsuit and staunchly denied all allegations. They argued that the plaintiffs had gathered information from non-credible sources, specifically knock-off filter websites, to support their claims.

Interestingly, the original plaintiff, James Shepherd, withdrew the lawsuit after NMCL rebutted his false information. Despite alleging that Berkey’s systems are ineffective, he and the other plaintiffs didn’t report any associated health issues. This has led some to question the credibility of the lawsuit.

NMCL not only denied the allegations, but they also took measures to protect their brand and consumers. They now require their dealers to keep separate inventories to prevent the mixing of counterfeit filters with authentic Berkey filters. This shows their commitment to quality and customer safety.

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