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Genworth Class Action Lawsuit

Genworth’s class action lawsuit involves policyholders claiming inadequate premium increase disclosures, seeking policy adjustments and financial compensation, and awaiting final court approval. The case, brought against Genworth Life Insurance Company, asserts that the company didn’t fully disclose the potential for significant premium rate increases in their letters to policyholders.

The parties involved are Genworth, a leading provider of long-term care insurance, and the policyholders of certain Genworth policies, specifically Choice 2, Choice 2.1, California CADE, California Reprise, and California Unbundled policies.

The cause of action is that these premium rate increase letters didn’t provide adequate disclosures. These policyholders claim that they should’ve been given more information about their policy options and that Genworth should have been more transparent about future premium increases.

The relief being sought includes policy adjustments and financial compensation for the impacted policyholders. If the Court approves the proposed settlement agreement, Genworth will be required to make payments or provide credits.

The current status of the lawsuit is that the settlement agreement is awaiting final court approval.

Genworth Class Action Lawsuit Explanation

In the heart of this Genworth class action lawsuit, there is a significant issue of inadequate information disclosure in premium rate increase letters. This Life Insurance Class Action case centers on accusations that Genworth Life Insurance Company didn’t provide enough information to policyholders about why their premiums were increasing.

The settlement of this case, which is now subject to final court approval, could have significant implications for class members. They could be entitled to payments or credits, depending on the specifics of their policies. Genworth will send special election letters to these class members outlining the details of the settlement and what they may expect to receive.

The insurance company is expected to start sending these communications out on a rolling basis starting in either May or June of 2023.

Parties involved

  1. The Plaintiffs: The Genworth class action lawsuit was initiated by five policyholders. These individuals filed the lawsuit in January 2022 after receiving premium rate increase letters they allege lacked necessary disclosures.
  2. The Defendant: The defendant in this case is Genworth Life Insurance Company, with the allegations focused on their Choice 2, Choice 2.1, California CADE, California Reprise, and California Unbundled policies.
  3. Allegations: Despite Genworth maintaining that their disclosures were reasonable and accurate, the policyholders’ allegations center around the lack of additional information in the premium rate increase letters.
  4. Impacted Policyholders: Depending on the settlement and final Court approval, impacted policyholders may receive disclosures, policy options, payments, or credits.

The cause of action

It revolves around claims that Genworth failed to provide sufficient information in their premium rate increase letters. Five policyholders filed a class action lawsuit in January 2022, alleging that Genworth’s disclosures were inadequate. The policyholders argued that they didn’t receive enough information about increased rates for policies such as Genworth Choice 2, Choice 2.1, and others.

The crux of the allegations is that Genworth’s inadequate information disclosure left policyholders in the dark about potential changes in their premium costs. These policyholders claim they were blindsided by the rate increases and weren’t given a fair chance to make informed decisions about their policies.

Genworth, on the other hand, denies all allegations, maintaining that their disclosures were reasonable and truthful. The company asserts that all necessary information was provided to policyholders.

As part of the lawsuit, a proposed settlement is under consideration that could lead to compensation for the impacted individuals. The court’s final approval is pending, and if approved, the settlement could bring potential relief to these policyholders. The ultimate aim is to ensure transparency and fair treatment for Genworth policyholders.

Relief being sought

  1. Disclosures: More detailed information would be given to policyholders, addressing the inadequacies in the past.
  2. Policy Options: This refers to the options that will be made available to policyholders, allowing them to make informed decisions about their policies.
  3. Payments or Credits: Impacted policyholders may receive compensation in the form of payments or credits, depending on the final Court approval of the settlement terms.
  4. Financial Relief: The ultimate objective is to provide financial relief to those who will suffer from the premium rate increases.
Lawsuit Genworth

Key events and timeline

The first major event occurred in January 2022, when five policyholders initiated the class action lawsuit against Genworth. The lawsuit primarily involved Genworth’s Choice 2, Choice 2.1, California CADE, California Reprise, and California Unbundled policies.

As the lawsuit progressed, a settlement was reached. As part of this settlement, impacted policyholders may receive payments or credits. This is a significant development for those affected, potentially offering some form of restitution.

The final piece of the timeline is when the court gives its final approval for the settlement. This occurred on February 15, 2023, marking the end of this class action lawsuit’s journey. With the court’s approval, Genworth can start making settlement payments to the impacted policyholders.

Key arguments

  1. The crux of this lawsuit is the allegation of inadequate information disclosure by Genworth in their premium rate increase letters. The policyholders claimed that the information provided wasn’t only insufficient but also misleading.
  2. The policies in question were Genworth Choice 2, Choice 2.1, California CADE amongst others. The plaintiffs alleged that these policies were subject to unfair rate increases due to the inadequate disclosure.
  3. The lawsuit was initiated by five policyholders who took a stand against the insurance giant, Genworth. They argued that they were unfairly burdened with increased payments due to the company’s actions.
  4. Genworth, on the other hand, denied all allegations. They maintained that their disclosures were truthful and reasonable, arguing that they hadn’t violated any laws or regulations.

Current status

As of February 12, 2024, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia has approved the settlement of the Genworth class action lawsuit. This approval marks a significant milestone in the lawsuit involving Genworth Life Insurance policies. Despite Genworth’s denial of the allegations, stating that their disclosures were reasonable and accurate, the court’s decision has resulted in a class action settlement in favor of the policyholders.

This settlement agreement includes payments or credits for affected policyholders. Genworth started distributing Special Election Letters in May-June 2023, informing policyholders about their entitlements under this settlement.


The core implications include:

  1. Policy Changes: Policyholders may see life-changing amendments to their policies, along with new rate options.
  2. Payments or Credits: Some policyholders may receive payments or credits, which can significantly impact their financial plans.
  3. Settlement Administrator Letters: Settlement Class Members should expect Special Election Letters from the Settlement Administrator, starting in May or June 2023. These letters could hold crucial information about their new policy benefits.
  4. Enhanced Customer Service: Genworth’s Customer Service may become more proactive, especially regarding disclosures and inflation protection, to prevent future lawsuits.

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